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Hairpin Legs and Repurposed Tabletops

unfinished wood bench with hairpin legs

Using distressed or weathered wood or reclaiming wood for a DIY furniture project is a great option and a rewarding process. There are many pieces of perfectly good – and beautiful – wood that can be turned into a great piece of furniture for use with our metal hairpin legs. The wood can be completely refinished for a clean fresh look. Planing, sanding, and finishing old wood makes a beautifully aged piece of wood come alive again and the wood can look like new when you’re done.


reclaimed oak bench with metal bench legsLeaving remnants of the wood’s old life can is also an attractive look. Perhaps you’re using an old door or butcher block that has beautiful hardware or markings that lend uniqueness and character to your furniture. Sanding or planing the wood by hand rather than using power tools will allow you to stop along the way and decide what level of wear or weathering you’d like to leave on the final piece. Determining what type of furniture you’re looking for helps figure out what you want in the final product as well as what style of metal legs will best compliment the piece. A small unobtrusive corner table can handle a different look than a large dining or coffee table could pull off.

To finish the look you’re after, pick out one of our many metal hairpin leg options: the original, the twist, square bar hairpin legs, or metal bench legs. Our legs come in different diameters as well as heights to ensure you get the very best match for your future homemade table!