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Orienting Hairpin Legs on a Table

diy coffee table with hairpin table legs

A question we get asked more than you might think is, ‘How should I orient the hairpin legs on the table itself?’ It may seem like a simple question, but once you look around the internet, you’ll see a variety of options.

round table with just the tip hairpin legsIt is a great question and one whose answer depends on each table being made. The standard table legs uses four hairpin legs that are angled outward from the corners of the table to give maximum stability to the table. Although this is the most common leg orientation, this is hardly the only option. Table legs can be placed parallel to the each other as in this round table with Just the Tip legs – the two legs on each side are facing the same direction. This offers a unique look to the table giving it its own character. Not all tables use four legs either – there are applications where either more or less are better suited for your project.

Four legs may be too many for a table being supported by something other than just metal legs, such as a wall or other supporting structure. Stools often use only three legs which alleviates tipping on uneven floors. On the flip side there are furniture pieces that use more than four legs. long coffee table with six hairpin legsA long bench for example can utilize additional legs to add to the overall stability of the piece. So add your own creative touch to your next project and do what’s best for the piece–and for your house. When you arrive at a final decision, send us a picture! We’d love to see what you come up with!