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Hairpin Legs Give New Life to Old Wood

round coffee table with hairpin legs

Items that are often discarded can make a beautiful table, bench or stool with metal hairpin legs. Take the old electrical wire spool-turned-table for example. Or maybe there’s a new renovation or remodel project in your life; an old door, cabinet, or butcher block can all be salvaged and made into a beautiful new table. Even old barn beams have been turned into beautiful benches with our bench legs.

dark beam bench with steel bench legs

In this modern age it is unique and grounding to have a reminder of older times in our homes. Something otherwise destined for the scrap pile can be turned into a centerpiece and conversation starter in your home. It can be a piece that is meaningful to you or simply a piece that speaks to you – or just a piece that you like and that gets the job done!

We offer a variety of hairpin leg styles to ensure we have the right metal legs for your project. You can start with the wood and decide what hairpin legs will best complete the piece, or you can start with the right legs and work the other way around. Sometimes the right metal legs for your project are all about the lines and angles, or maybe you’ve already found your favorite table leg style and you need an excuse to use them.

Our metal legs come in two different diameters to meet your weight and durability needs. And they of course come in different heights – anything from 4-inches to 38-inches so you can put hairpin legs on anything from a chest of drawers to the dining room table. We know you’ll love our legs…so be sure to send us a picture of your creation when you’re done!