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Hairpin Legs and Metal Origins

Metal working has a long history. Humans have used metal for centuries. The oldest archeological evidence of humans using metal dates over ten thousand years ago. Metal has been used for precious personal items such as crowns and jewelry and it was used in the first stages of currency. The ability to shape, change, and form metal changed mankind. Its characteristic ability to be shaped yet remain rigid once formed makes it so utilitarian. As metal became more accessible it became more widespread and using it for more household uses made sense.


In modern we use metal daily. Not only can metal be shaped and custom sized, but it is more durable than many materials. And much less needed to be used – metal table legs take up less space than wooden legs, for example. The hairpin leg design in particular originated at the turn of the century as a functional and attractive design style. Today we are lucky to have such ready access to metal. But here at Modern Legs we still use hand made methods to make all of our metal table legs. And each set is made to order. Thank about the ways metal table legs can be a part of your everyday live – and we’ll be there with a hand made product that suits your needs!