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Cushioned Benches with Metal Bench Legs

A lot of the furniture we profile utilizes the simplicity of plain wood. But there are other great options our metal bench legs help create. Perhaps a little more cushion would better suit your needs. There are many padding options including built in padding or removable padding. Charlie has made a beautiful modern dining nook with our tube steel bench legs. As you can see this bench is upholstered offering its own unique style. The colors really make it an eye-catching piece of the room. The bench can be used alone as a corner seating area or in conjunction with a table and chairs. Built-in cushioning will not move or shift when in use, and can be a good choice with children in the house. It also allows the piece to be custom built for its specific purpose.

cushioned bench with metal bench legs wraparound bench with metal bench legs

There are times when removable padding may better suit your needs. Removable cushioning allows for the material or pattern to be changed in the future. It also allows for multiple functions – for use with or without the cushioning, which may protect the top when not in use. Cushioned benches are a great way to add comfort and aesthetics to metal bench leg furniture. One of the great things about building your own bench with our metal legs is knowing that they are all custom made of 100% US steel right here in the USA. And we have two great metal bench supports to choose from – the flat bar bench legs and the tube steel bench legs. So now you know what cushioned bench styles have to offer. Send us a picture of your finished project; we’d love to see what you come up with!