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Getting Your Hairpin Legs Ready For Outdoor Use

patio table with painted hairpin legs

It’s outdoor furniture time! What should you do to take care of your outdoor furniture now that you’re getting ready to use it again for the season? If it’s been stored for the off season take it out and see what shape it’s in. If it’s been outdoors all year see how it’s fared through the winter weather. There are a few things you can do to keep your table, and metal legs in particular, in great shape for a long time to come. First of all, how does the tabletop look? Is it still in great shape? Does it need a quick sanding and another coat of finish? Or is it still looking well cared for?

metal banded rustic table with hairpin legs

Second, how do the hairpin legs themselves look? Are there signs of rust? Some people choose to add finish to their metal legs to keep them at their best no matter what weather they encounter. See our FAQ for more ideas on metal finishing options.

Thirdly, how is the leg-table attachment? If the wood is still in good shape, the metal table legs should still be solidly attached. But if some of the wood needs to be replaced, the legs may not be as firmly attached as they should be. Be sure to screw the legs back on tightly if you’re replacing some of the wood. And finally, how is the table site itself? Be sure to locate your table on firm solid ground so it will be stable for each use. Do you need some chairs or end tables to go with your existing outdoor furniture? Some people like to match the metal legs styles to the ones they have and some people like to change it up and mix match our metal hairpin legs with our bench legs. Either way, we hope you enjoy the outdoor season with custom made metal table legs made right here in the USA!