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What are Good Metal Bench Leg Applications?

We all come across indoor and outdoor benches in our daily lives but sometimes the only place they come to mind is in the park. Benches have a wide variety of uses and are uniquely well-suited for a number of purposes. A bench can be a stand-alone piece of furniture or it can be part of a larger furniture set-up such as at a table. Sure, benches are often used with picnic tables or patio furniture, but they also go well at dining room tables.

coffee-table-with-metal-bench-legs-and-compassCustomers tell us they love the versatility of benches at the table. They offer a varied amount of seating space – just a person or two when there are fewer people, or many more when there is a party, holiday or just a big family meal. And more people can usually fit together on a bench than trying to a dozen chairs around the table. We’ve even had customers us our bench supports for the table itself! Benches also go well in an entryway space or mudroom. They give place for people to sit and take footwear on and off. They also provide a great place to put groceries or other items being carried in or out. And of course benches do go well outdoors.

They work well in the garden, next to the pool, or even in that sauna you’re dreaming about building. We offer two types of metal bench legs: flat bar bench legs and tube steel bench legs. Each offers the stability and durability of bench legs and they can support much more weight than other leg types. But far be it from us to tell you which style of bench leg is best for your application…you decide, and send us a picture of your final piece. We love to show off the creativity of our clients!