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Do Hairpin Legs Need Protection?

patio table with painted hairpin legs

All of our metal legs are made of 100% US steel, and we’re proud of that. They are great for durability and longevity, but what if you live in a harsh climate that has lots of environmental factors such as humidity or high salt content…say right near the ocean? Our legs are thick and durable and even with salt in the environment they will still last a long time.

A half-inch of steel is a lot of steel – even left alone in a rough environment there will be years of use–probably decades–before the metal would start to downgrade. But there are ways you can protect your metal legs. The easiest protection is to wax the hairpin legs. This provides a clear coating that retains the look of the metal legs while sealing out moisture and contaminants.

Our hairpin legs can also be clear coated with a metal sealant, which will maintain the classic look of the leg while adding a more durable coating – and adding a higher gloss look. Clear coating will provide a longer lasting finish than wax but takes longer to dry – and don’t forget to apply it in a well ventilated area. Yet another option is applying gun blue to the metal legs. This can be done alone or with a layer of wax over it and adds a deep color to the legs.

If color is something you are interested in, painting is a great option for hairpin legs. Choosing a paint that is intended for use on metal will provide the correct adherence and protection qualities. Or if you want a removable solution, try Plasti Dip. It’s a spray on paint that comes in many colors and can be peeled off later if you change your mind.

No matter what protection you decide to use on your metal legs, be sure to remove dust, moisture and any other particulate matter before applying and follow all of the manufacturer instructions. And don’t forget to have fun! We look forward to seeing what you come up with so send us a pic!