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Matched Coffee Table / End Table with Tapered Angle Iron Legs

diy coffee table with modern metal table legs

We just received some photos of a matched set of DIY tables made with our tapered angle iron legs, and they look great! Friends of the company Tomi and Andy came up with the classic design for their new living room, and we’re glad to be a part of the end result.

side-table-with-tapered-angle-iron-legs matching-coffee-table-side-table-with-modern-angle-iron-legs diy-coffee-table-with-tapered-angle-iron-legsAs you can see, the tabletops are a classic blonde wood with a little touch of weathering if you look closely. The coloration of the modern steel table legs and the greyish portion of the weathered sections of wood play nicely with each other, and the final products look great!

Thanks to Tomi and Andy for sending these photos over, and as always, we love seeing our legs in their final homes…so send us pictures any time you finish a project!