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Angled Metal Furniture Legs: How Much Weight Will They Support?

In addition to all of the wonderful hairpin table legs we offer here at Modern Legs, we also offer angled metal furniture legs. What are angled legs? These legs are made of tapered angle iron and just like our hairpin legs they are made of environmentally friendly 100% recyclable steel. They come in standard sizes from 4” – 30” tall. So they are another great option for a beautiful do-it-yourself piece of furniture.

When planning a project using angle iron legs you may be wondering how much weight they can support. The overall make of the furniture, and components such as the screws used to hold them, will really be the determining factor regarding weight load. But generally speaking the legs will hold hundreds of pounds. If you’re debating between angled metal furniture legs and hairpin table legs, some of the great hairpin table leg options for heavier loads include our bench legs, 3 rod hairpin legs, and Just the Tip legs. If you have specific concerns regarding the weight load of your future furniture piece feel free to contact us with specifics. Whether you decide on the angled or the hairpin table legs, you can be sure they’re a great option for functional and attractive furniture. Plus they are all made by hand right here in the USA!