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Can I Make My Own Patio Furniture? Of Course You Can!

diy coffee table with hairpin table legs

There’s something about being not-quite-indoors that warms the heart. Patio furniture fills a unique need and it should be able to adequately do the job, but sometimes you look around and no one is selling exactly what you’re looking for. Then again, maybe the perfect person to make your furniture is…you.

Making your own patio furniture is a fulfilling experience. Perhaps you know just what you want or perhaps you have in mind some of the parts you’ll be including in the end product. Or perhaps you know you want something, but it has not yet materialized in your mind. Not to worry…the metal legs we make go with everything! You can use your old basement door, the beautiful wooden chair that didn’t quite work out at the kitchen table, or anything else you’ve got in mind – or come across – for a piece of patio furniture.

So, what should you keep in mind as you’re getting your future masterpiece in order? Good question, and here are some things to keep in mind: this will be a different piece of furniture than ordinary indoor furniture. It may spend time indoors and outdoors, under cover and uncovered…so look for durable materials. Do iron table legs sound durable? They certainly are! Last but not least: think about style. We offer classic hairpin legs which go great on a chair or side table. Our tapered angle iron legs make great patio tables. And our legs are strong enough for any size or style bench.

One more thing to keep in mind: if your furniture will be out in the elements – sun as well as precipitation, be sure to use an appropriate finish to protect your investment. See our FAQ for more info on finishing your metal legs, if you’re thinking of taking that final step to protect your project.

So! Go ahead and make your own perfect patio set, and keep us in mind when you’re ready to start thinking about iron table legs, hairpin legs for chairs or metal bench legs.