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What is Your Favorite Hairpin Coffee Table Leg Style?

diy coffee table with hairpin table legs

Hairpin legs are sometimes seen as a throwback to the turn of the century’s modern style. But what is your favorite style on coffee tables? Personal preference comes into play of course as well as the table’s intended use. Perhaps function, form, or simply matching the surroundings are the essentials that come to mind for you. Some prefer the classic style of the plain hairpin legs while others prefer changing things up. The square bar and rebar hairpin legs offer different shapes and texture to a coffee table. Square bar legs might add a more angular look while rebar can lend more texture and perhaps a more rugged or rough look.

For a added flare or structure, some prefer the Just the Tip legs or 3 rod hairpin legs. Both offer a more stabilizing style while maintaining that classic hairpin look. And for those that like to add a modern twist to the classic hairpin, the modern leg does just that. Each coffee table is unique and matching the tabletop, its unique function, and its relationship to its surroundings offer different opportunities to match the right leg style to the furniture. We know you’ll be happy with whatever style you choose for your next coffee table project. And knowing each set of legs is made custom for you from high quality steel right here in the USA is just icing on the cake!