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Vintage Versus New Hairpin Legs

Vintage hairpin legs originated mid century as a stylish and functional means of supporting furniture. Using minimal material while being strong and stable these bent hairpin legs provided function as well as form. Tables, chairs, foot  and bar stools, bird cage stands, and even planters and table-top lamps were all made with hairpin legs.

Today these same sturdy and stylish principles apply and people are use hairpin legs on a multitude of furniture styles. Can these vintage legs still be used? Absolutely! If you find some on a piece of furniture in your grandmother’s attic or at an antique shop, you can certainly repurpose them onto your own piece of furniture. Or better yet, you can get your very own set new – and made just for you! Here at Modern Legs we make a variety of hairpin leg sizes and styles – or you can customize your order to suit your individual project. There’s nothing like completing your own furniture project with legs made just for you. Every set of hairpin legs is made to order, so you’ll know your legs are made in the USA from high quality steel. So go ahead and start thinking about that perfect table, chair, bench, or lamp…and let us know when you’re ready for hairpin shipped right to your door. They’ll be the perfect accent to your new modern piece.