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David’s Custom Chest with Short Hairpin Legs

We shipped  a few sets of legs to David a few weeks ago, and we’re blown away by both the unique design and the quality of the pieces he turned out. He built both a table and a chest with two very different looks, and both of they are worth sharing. The table uses small width slats for the top, mounted into a custom frame. They are the type of small slats used for beach fencing or as the ribbing in old Roman plaster walls, which are still common in older houses around Denver and other US cities. We love the look and since the slats are rough cut, you can still see the pattern made by the saw blade.

Custom Hardwood Chest with Hairpin Legs DIY Small Slat Table with Tapered Angle Iron Table Legs

The chest is a beautiful use of some well-loved (and well finished) hardwood. He did a great job of showing off the distressed look of the wood, while still providing a great level surface for everyday use, which also shows off the wonderful color and character of the wood. Excellent work David, we’re proud our hairpin legs and tapered angle iron legs could help you finish the pieces!