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Todd’s Hairpin Leg Tables with Turquoise Inlay

We’ve been sending Todd at ABP Works modern furniture legs for a while now, but these creations really jump out when we look back at projects! Working with solid slabs of wood can lead to wonderful results, but they come with their own challenges. The deep cracks in the wood might seem like a problem to solve, but they are also an opportunity for color. Todd used turquois inlay butterfly splines to keep the wood solid. The light color of the butterfly splines does more than physically tie together the wood. They also visually connect the smaller bits of light colored wood throughout.

Todd’s use of turquoise inlay is a second way to create an exceptional table. Though turquoise is one of the more common colors for inlay, there is certainly room for variety if you’re thinking of inlay. We’ve also seen customers add color by painting some or all of the tabletop. And of course the hairpin legs themselves can be painted. Look for paints that work well on metal, and think about adding a clear coat afterwards.

Todd’s second table is another live edge slab table with turquois inlay. This table uses the Twist hairpin legs. Check out the contrast between the two tables and the difference in their hairpin legs. This table has much straighter lines than the previous one. The Twist hairpin legs can a lot of variation to the strait angles of this table. All in all, Todd’s tables offer a lot of food for thought as you plan your own hairpin leg table. Thanks for sharing Todd!