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Mike’s Spalted Maple Table with Bench Legs

Slab wood offers so many options and opportunities for furniture. Slabs can be long and thin boards that retain the live edge. They can also be large and irregular pieces. No matter what type of slab you’re looking for or working with, each and every one is unique. This amazing slab table is Mike’s latest creation. Mike is at Wood Shed Production and they create stunning work, as you can see.

spalted maple table with bench legs

We love that our modern furniture legs can lend support–pun intended–to such amazing creations. There are many reasons we offer such variety of metal lets. Our hairpin legs come in a variety of styles and diameters. Our metal bench legs come in two styles. Offering different sizes of metal legs can serve as a jumping off point. We know that with the many options of hairpin legs and bench legs we offer, you may need something different. Mike knows that too. The spalted maple slab Mike used for this amazing table has different thicknesses throughout the table. How can that be accommodated? With bench legs of different heights. We were happy to create a custom order for Mike and we’re glad we did – the result is amazing! If you’re not seeing exactly what works for you on our website, shoot us an email; chances are we can come up with something that will work for you. And send us a picture when you’re done!