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Todd’s Black Walnut Slab Desk with Angle Iron Table Legs

A desk can be a large piece of construction with lots of drawers and surfaces or it can be a light airy piece of furniture like this one Todd at ABP Works built. Metal legs provide lots of options and they can be short hairpin legs or tall angle iron legs…whatever is the right look for the finished piece!

tapered angle iron leg walnut table walnut table with angle iron table legs

Not only is this black walnut desk lighter in many ways than a traditional desk; it’s also easier to build. The live edge keep the desk unique while also providing a bit more surface area to work on. Just like our hairpin legs, our tapered angle iron legs come in a variety of sizes. We can build them anywhere from 4″ to 30″.

Todd chose to use the larger of our two dimensions for this table, and we think it came out beautifully! Todd built this to be a desk or a writing table. Its shape lends itself perfectly to being a foyer or console table too. The nice thick slab (2″ x 62″) will hold up almost anything that needs support in the average home, and 30 inches tall is a very useful height for work or entertainment.

Thanks for sharing the photos Todd…it looks great!