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Hairpin Leg Table That’s a…Zen Garden?

Sitting in a room with a piece of furniture you made yourself can create peace and relaxation. This can be especially so when your hairpin leg table is a Zen garden! Jon made this creative Zen garden table for the ultimate relaxation experience. It is always amazing to see the creativity of our customers and this is a great one!

Our hairpin legs are truly designed to create a solid support to whatever amazing project you come up with. They are a steadfast reliable way of supporting your creations. This table is the perfect example! Glass and sand are combined with wood to create an artistic and conscientious experience…all in a piece of furniture! Amazing job, Jon, we’re impressed!

All our hairpin leg varieties are made of steel rod. They come to ready for your table in their raw steel color. Adding some kind of finish to them is always an option. Jon opted to make the hairpin legs on his table even darker than the natural steel color. This helps them fade into the background and simply do their job of supporting the table – without detracting from the attention this unique piece deserves.

There are many ways to finish hairpin legs if you want. They can remain the they are or you could paint or clear coat them. On a different piece of furniture, painting the legs a bright color could bring desired attention to the legs. The options are endless. But we certainly like the idea of sitting around this one-of-a-kind table!