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What are Standard Table Heights for use with Metal Hairpin Legs?

square bar hairpin legs

There are many types of tables – and many uses for each type as well. Taking a look at the standard height of tables gives us a jumping off point to decide how to build a custom DIY table. Our hairpin legs can be made in many heights so you’ll be able to have the perfect leg height for your table. If you’re building a coffee table you may want it to be about the same height as the couch cushions for easy use when sitting on the couch. Standard height for a coffee table is usually 16 inches. You can measure the height of your couch cushions to see if this is similar to that height measurement. Have you felt comfortable with the height of other coffee tables you have used? Do you have a couch / coffee table combo that you love? Measure each so you can replicate that feeling with a more unique table…one that you built yourself!

What about larger tables? Standard table and desk sizes are between 28 and 30 inches high. But consider the table purpose as well. Will you be sitting at it? If so, think about the height of the chair(s). If you’ll be eating or using a computer at this table, think about what height feels best for you and other users. Making sure the table provides proper ergonomic positioning for your body will make the table easy to use. As with the coffee table, the standard height for dining and desk styled tables can be a starting point. If standard-sized tables often feel a bit tall or short for you, factor this in.

Now you’re ready to order your hairpin table legs. How do you make sure you get the perfect height for you? Take the overall height then subtract the thickness of the tabletop. That will give you the size your table legs should be. Our metal hairpin legs come in even-numbered sizes from 4-inches to 30-inches. So select the size that works for your table and your made-to-order legs will be on their way to you in no time! What if the size you want is not an even inch size? Send us a note let us know what you’re looking for. Chances are we can accommodate! Have fun during the planning and building phases and send us a picture when you’re done!