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Tapered Angle Iron Metal Table Legs

diy table with tapered angle iron legs

Many of you know and love our classic hairpin table legs…after all, who doesn’t? But there are applications where you might be looking for another modern metal table leg style. What options do we have to satisfy your needs? In addition to the classic hairpin table leg we offer five variations on the theme, each a new take on the modern hairpin leg. Each one offers a different shape, texture, and style to your project. But what if you’re looking to change up the hairpin style and you want something a little different? We offer two styles of bench legs – flat bar bench legs and tube steel bench legs. These can be used for benches of course, but they can be used for tables or chairs as well.

diy coffee table with modern metal table legsOne of our other offerings is the Tapered Angle Iron leg. The angle iron leg is just that – an angled piece of steel tapered from large at the top to small at the bottom, ending in a small foot at the bottom. Making a table with angle iron legs is every bit as easy as attaching hairpin legs and if the top is already constructed…you’ve got yourself a table!

The angle iron legs have a solid squared-off look and make a sturdy table without taking up too much room with each leg. As with all of our metal table legs they can be used indoors or outdoors to satisfy any needs you have for your future table. Each set of legs is made to order right here in the USA of 100% recyclable steel. Have fun making your own DIY table and send us a picture of your final project!