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Painted Side Tables with Metal Hairpin Legs

A recent customer sent us a picture of the set of end tables they made with our hairpin legs and we’re glad they did! This pair is painted a very colorful and lively pattern bringing the tables to life. This customer chose to use three hairpin legs per table – which is a common layout for stools as well.

small side table with hairpin legs

small side table with twist hairpin legsThere are some advantages to using three legs instead of four. First of all they take up less floor space. That gives the user more room around the table and the ability to place the table in the corner.

We also like the use of the classic hairpin legs on one of the tables and the modern twist hairpin legs on the other table. It is a nice combination. If you’re thinking of making a smaller piece of metal leg furniture, think about what size tabletop you’ll be using. If you’re making a smaller tabletop perhaps three legs would be best for your project which will save you a little time and material.

We have lots of styles of hairpin legs to use in addition to those on these tables. Check out our 3 rod hairpin legs and our Just the Tip legs as well. All of our metal legs are made to order right here in the US. Send us a pic of your project when you’re done so you can inspire other DIY furniture enthusiasts!