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Slab Table with 3 Rod Hairpin Legs by TJ

We love seeing the trend of hand-crafted conference room tables! Large factory-build meeting tables may look like a dime a dozen, but they sure don’t cost a dime. Our suggestion is: build or commission your own table and end up with a unique table that’s built with quality and personality. Custom metal hairpin legs and a beautiful wooden tabletop are the basic essentials for an amazing table.

slab table with 3 rod hairpin legs

Here is a great table TJ build using our three rod hairpin legs. After he finished he said,

Thank you so much. This is the third table I have built using your products and I love them more and more. Thanks!

We love getting feedback about our metal legs and seeing what our customers build with them. This gorgeous table has lots of stability and style. The thickness of the wooden tabletop gives the table strength and durability but also character. The wood’s natural shape has been kept on the edges and the sheer size of that tabletop itself is impressive!

How often do we see a single piece of wood that size these days? We’d rather meet around a table like this than a Formica-topped table any day!

If you’re thinking of making a larger table like this, you’ve come to the right place. All of our metal hairpin legs are designed to hold plenty of weight, but the three rod legs like TJ used are even sturdier and can definitely handle a huge tabletop such as this one – they are made of half-inch steel after all. Thanks for sharing TJ, great job!