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Ashley’s Cupboard Door Table with Metal Hairpin Legs

cupboard door table with hairpin legs closeup

Here at Modern Legs we know that all it takes to make a great DIY table is a table top as simple as an old door and a set of hairpin legs. We’ve done it ourselves and were delighted to see Ashley did it as well!

She took a vintage cupboard door, added a set of our classic hairpin legs, and she had a great new table. When reusing materials for a new piece of furniture you can choose to keep it as-is or make some updates for its new purpose. Ashley opted to keep the cupboard hardware on which nicely integrates the door’s old life with its new one…nice touch Ashley.

Taking vintage household items and making them into hairpin leg furniture is a great way to create an old looking piece of furniture without paying antique shop prices. One of the great things about our hairpin legs is their classic style. Metal legs go perfectly with projects such as Ashley’s that have a vintage look as well as projects with a more modern style.

Hairpin legs are extremely versatile and we offer a variety of styles to further compliment any project you’ll be undertaking. If you’re wondering about time involved, it can be a pretty wide range. Reusing materials that are in ready-to-use table top condition mean that you can start and finish pretty quickly. If you’re feeling more ambitious, you can create your own table top and spend a bit more time crafting the finished product.

Making your own piece of furniture really can be as easy as screwing a set of metal hairpin legs onto the underside of an old door. Thanks for sharing Ashley, great table! If you’d like to see more of Ashley’s work check out her blog.

If you’re about to wrap up a hairpin leg furniture project, send us some pics when you’re done!