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Should I Order Custom Metal Table Legs, or a Standard Size?

Here at Modern Legs we strive to help each customer create their own best piece of furniture. One question we’re asked a lot is “Do I need custom metal table legs?” That’s the great thing about Modern Legs – each order is custom made so ordering a custom leg length is always an option! You determine the height you want your table and if it’s not a standard size we offer, no problem. Once you determine what tabletop you want to use and how high you want the overall height, it’s easy to determine the leg height. Measure the thickness of the tabletop and subtract that from the overall height you want the table. Then you know the height of the legs to order. We offer the classic Hairpin Table Legs in even inch sizes from 4” to 30”. Not the size you want? Just let us know and we’ll customize any size up to 30”.

finished bench with custom metal bench legs
Finished Bench with Metal Bench Legs by Wood Shed Productions

Maybe the look you want is achieved by one of the two Bench Supports we offer – or perhaps you’re building a matching bench as well. Our standard dimension bench supports are 8” wide on top, 12” wide on bottom, and 15” tall. But as we said, each order is custom made so we can customize those for you too. We recommend the top of the bench support being an inch or two inside the outside dimension of the bench top so measure the thickness of the top and subtract two inches (or four) and now you know the upper bench dimension you want. Have fun and send us a picture of your final project!