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Modern Furniture Legs: How Much Should I Pay?

Modern furniture originated at the turn of the century as a functional and fashionable solution for much household furniture. Hairpin legs are a great option for affordable furniture legs. But how much should you pay? A beautiful piece of furniture with hairpin table legs can cost you a surprising range of dollars. Completed modern table leg furniture can cost into the thousands. But the great thing about metal hairpin legs is that they are so user friendly – you yourself can make custom furniture for a fraction of the cost – and you end up with your very own furniture worth just as much. Plus, you get the satisfaction of having build it yourself!

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First decide what piece of furniture you want. We make a variety of metal table legs as well as bench supports so you have lots of options. Once you know what piece of furniture you want, select the tabletop for your project. Then you get to choose what style of hairpin legs you want – or bench supports. You’ll have peace of mind knowing they are all made in the USA from high quality steel! Once you’ve put it all together don’t forget to send us a picture! We’d love to see what you came up with for a fraction of the cost. Just think, in not time at all you could have your own custom piece of furniture for less than one hundred dollars!