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Need Furniture Legs? How About Mid-Century Metal Legs?

As our customers know, we’re big proponents of the ‘builder culture’ which is making a comeback these days with those looking for custom furniture, locally made goods and a higher level of quality. But what happens when you find a table design you like and turn to the search engines for help? You’ll find a huge number of options for metal table legs, rough cut or finished wood and plans to choose from. Today we thought we’d address the range of options you’ll find if you start looking for ‘metal table legs’.

We took a quick survey of the results which show up when you search for ‘metal legs’ or ‘metal table legs’, and we turned up everything from our own hairpin and tube steel legs, to gold plated metal legs, which sell for $2,000 a piece! And if you’re thinking those legs must have come from an exclusive boutique, think again. They’re being sold through a very recognizable home improvement store with locations all over the country.

Most of the metal legs we found were priced between $25 and $50, which means building your own table might be a bit more expensive than some folks were planning on. If you’re thinking of building your own table and you’re just looking for a clean, understated metal table leg…we’d like to suggest mid-century modern table legs. Almost all of our legs are priced below $20 a piece and they are all built from durable steel right here in the USA. So if you’re building your own table and need some legs that won’t break the budget, consider our mid-century modern legs. If you have questions about an upcoming project, get in touch.