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Carob Wood Table with Hairpin Coffee Table Legs

carob tree coffee table with hairpin legs

Every time it seems like we’ve seen hairpin coffee table legs added to every type of table top, one of our clients wows us with a totally new design, or a totally new type of wood. Ray on the west coast sent us this picture of his new coffee table with hairpin legs, and we’re glad he let us know what the wood is, because it’s like nothing we’ve seen before. He told us this is a section of a 50 year old carob tree, which they needed to remove from the property. For those not familiar with the tree, carob is a middle eastern evergreen tree, which can be grown in similar climate, and is most often grown for its fruit. It produces long bean pods, and the beans can be ground up and turned into a confection similar to chocolate.


Anyway, Ray loves the hairpin coffee table legs we sent him, and we’re glad he sent us a photo back, because this circular live edge table  is absolutely gorgeous and certainly one of a kind. It just goes to show that even when you’re just doing some tree work or landscaping, maybe something beautiful like this table can come out of it!