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Modern Wood Coffee Tables: Do They Have To Be Pricey?

3 rod metal hairpin leg

Modern design originated at the turn of the twentieth century as a style that blended existing design with the emerging technology changes in a simplistic form. Modern wood coffee tables are an easy way to bring modern furniture into the home. You might be thinking, ‘what is better than modern wood coffee tables?’ DIY modern wood coffee tables!

DSC_0901 finished-wood-top-bench-with-tube-steel-bench-legs carob-tree-coffee-table-with-hairpin-legs

Purchasing a piece of designer furniture can be pricey. High prices reflect the costs of design, assembly, and finish work. But you can easily do these steps yourself to bring the price way down and end up with a piece of furniture designed just for you. The metal of our mid-century modern table legs pair perfectly with wood to create the simple lines of modern furniture. Modern wood coffee tables usually start at a few hundred dollars and sell for as much as into the thousand dollar range. You can make your own piece worth just as much and pay less than one hundred dollars for the whole thing.

Once you know what you want the overall look to be, find a tabletop to use. It can be reclaimed lumber, rough cut wood, or a repurposed door or tabletop. Then decide what style of hairpin legs you want – we offer standard metal hairpin legs, tapered angle iron legs, bench supports and more. There are different heights to choose from so you get the exact table height you want. If you’ll be refinishing your tabletop or adding a finish, you can do that while your table legs are in the mail. By the time they arrive the table top will be dry and ready for the legs. Just attach the metalwork to your tabletop with wood screws ¼ to ½ inch less than the wood depth and you’re done!