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Make Your Own Desk at any Height Using Hairpin Table Legs

butcher block style desk with hairpin legs

Want your desk customized just for you? Well who better to make your perfect desk than you? We spend lots of time at desks these days and it can be a pleasant or unpleasant experience depending on the desk itself. Style, comfort, and ergonomics all play a role in how much we enjoy using our desks.

Here at Modern Legs we know the perfect desk fit is essential so we offer a range of hairpin table leg sizes – and we’ll even customize the size just for you if the heights we offer don’t meet your needs. Maybe you already have a desk that just needs a height change – or maybe you want to start from scratch. Either way, try out different desktop heights to see what works best for you. What is comfortable and what height makes it easiest to use the desk for all its purposes? Keep in mind that the height of your chair will factor into your desk height. Now that you’ve determined what height you want, measure from the floor to the bottom edge of where you’ll be attaching the hairpin legs. This location may be the underside of the desktop itself or it may be the underside of the drawers.

Now check out what style of hairpin legs you want – the Original hairpin legs, 3 Rod hairpin legs, Square Bar hairpin legs…the list goes on. Once you’ve decided on the style you can see what heights are offered for that style – 4” to 30” in even sizes are the standard heights offered. If the size you want is different than what we want, let us know – we can customize any size up to 30”. You’ll be glad to know all of our metal hairpin legs are made to order right here in the United States from environmentally friendly 100% recyclable steel!