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How Many Hairpin Legs Do I Need For My Project?

long coffee table with six hairpin legs

How many hairpin legs do you need for your DIY project? It is easy to assume that four legs will work but maybe your project would be better off with a different number. Four legs is what we see the most of – for use on tables, desks, chests, stools…the list goes on. But you can use whatever number of hairpin legs will best accommodate your project.

kitchen-table-with-custom-flat-bar-bench-legsFor example a kitchen table that is attached to the wall at one end. This table would only need leg support on one side, so maybe two legs will suffice. In the case of one customer’s project, they went with a bench leg to support the free-standing side. But maybe you have a project like an extra long table that would be best with more, rather than fewer, legs. An additional set of hairpin legs in the middle of a long table provides extra support and a more balanced look.

Stools or small round tables are often supported with three legs. Only you know what’s best for you and your project but we are always here to help. All of our legs are made to order – which means if you have a question or want a custom order you can always tell us about your project and see what we can do to accommodate your needs. All of our metal legs are made right here in the USA of 100% recyclable steel. Feel free to reach out with questions before you order, and send us a picture of your finished project!