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DIY Furniture Choice: Hairpin Legs or Bench Legs?

live edge desk with flat bar bench legs

Both hairpin legs and bench legs are great choices for your DIY furniture projects. They both offer a solid metal support structure for tables, benches and chairs, but how do you choose which one will work best for you? Are there specific uses for one or the other? Can hairpin legs be used for a bench and bench legs used for a table?

bench with square bar hairpin legsHere are some helpful hints to make sure you get the right metal legs for your project. We offer many different leg styles to be sure there is a leg style that will go perfectly with whatever project you’re getting started this summer. And these options provide a variety of different uses.

Hairpin legs are thinner than bench legs and offer more versatility when you choose leg positioning. Bench legs offer more stability and weight-bearing load. Weight isn’t much of a deciding factor for a one person chair, but if you have a four person bench, bench legs might be a good fit. But yes, hairpin legs can be used on a bench and bench legs can be used on a table. Just make sure you have enough support for a long span like a bench or a table. If you’re building a six or eight foot bench, consider three sets of bench legs, or six pairs of hairpin legs, with support in the middle of the bench.

Ultimately your furniture’s purpose will be the best determination for what legs to use. In addition to the piece’s function, its placement, style, and overall intended look may factor into what metal legs you’ll be happiest with. Each set of metal legs we make are made to order so you know you’ll be getting a product made just for you. And all of our metal legs are made of 100% recyclable steel right here in the USA!