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Hairpin Table Legs: Is It About the Wood or the Legs?

Hairpin table legs are a sturdy long-lasting way to support a piece of furniture. Frequently they are paired with beautiful wood to create a table. Using a unique piece of wood is often what customers choose to do and it’s clear why.

One of a kind slabs of wood are amazing. They can be live edge wood highlighting the natural beauty of the tree’s original shape. Sometimes a rare type of wood is used emphasizing the distinctiveness of the type of wood. Another method is to put together pieces of wood to make a dimensional tabletop. There are many ways to go about making a table, but what is the focus of the table? Is the point to highlight the hand-made hairpin legs and show off their sleek metal lines? Or does it make sense to keep the wood the center of attention?

There really is no correct answer to that – the table you make should be whatever you want. But often, the wood takes center stage. Choosing a piece of wood to make your own table is important and it is great to highlight that choice. Hairpin table legs allow you to give the spotlight to the tabletop. They solidly performing their function while letting the tabletop get the attention. We offer many hairpin leg styles so you can figure out which one best supports the table you are making. We want to be sure your masterpiece gets the attention it deserves!