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Hairpin Table Legs: Blending in or Standing Out

Hairpin legs often take a backstage seat to the wonderful tabletops they support. They’re happy to give up the limelight and silently, sturdily do their job. The natural dark color of our hairpin legs helps them do this. It is perfectly acceptable for your hairpin legs to blend into the background of your homemade table.

However, if you’re looking to draw more attention to the legs themselves, brighter colors are a great way to go about it. Adding color to hairpin legs can bring them forward giving them some of the spotlight. It can also connect the legs to colors in the tabletop itself or those in the environment around the hairpin legs. We’ve seen some fun hairpin leg colors in our time. A bright turquoise leg matches perfectly with painted pieces in the tabletop or even with turquoise inlay.

Although our hairpin legs need not be painted or sealed at all, if you choose to do so, don’t feel it is all or nothing. Painting the bottom portion of the legs gives them a “dipped” look. And if you’re choosing the make a piece of hairpin leg furniture that is upholstered, like a stool or ottoman, painting the legs is a fun way to highlight or match colors. Hairpin legs are versatile in so many ways. Our hairpin legs come in a choice of height, width, and style so you get just what you want. Then you get to add hue and gloss dimensions to further customize. Go wild with your hairpin leg paint job and send us a picture so we can enjoy them too!