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Mahogany Sideboard with Short Hairpin Legs

We often get asked which of our hairpin legs are best able to support heavy loads. Customers are often referring to standard table-height metal legs so the recommendation may be for the 3-rod hairpin leg or the Just the Tip hairpin legs. Those two styles of hairpin legs offer the greatest stability. But it may be that our short hairpin legs do the most weight-lifting. These short hairpin legs are a great option for heavier furniture that’s not held too far off the ground. Desks with large drawer compartments, for example, often employ our hairpin legs in shorter heights.


mahogany sideboard with short hairpin legsThis mid-century mahogany sideboard is a great example of short hairpin legs in action. The folks at Chairish have this great sideboard credenza for sale. It is a sleek piece of furniture that would look great in any home. Sideboards are great pieces of furniture that can be used in a variety of ways. They typically offer a lot of storage – often for items that are can be hard to know where to store. Table linens, decorative accent pieces, board games, and crafting items are all great ways to utilizing your sideboard.

They can also be used as an entertainment center or centerpiece of any room. Giving an old sideboard a facelift with a new set of hairpin legs make it looks sleek and elegant. And you’ll know it will be solidly held up with sturdy metal hairpin legs. While our taller hairpin legs may be what immediately comes to mind when putting together a heavy-use piece of furniture, it may in fact be true that our short hairpin legs are what end up holding the most weight.