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Hairpin Legs: To Color or Not to Color?

green hairpin legs

Should I color my hairpin legs? It’s a question we’re often asked. For the most part, that answer depends on you. If you’re wondering about the durability of the hairpin legs, worry not. Our hair pin legs are made of thick durable steel. They do not need to be treated in any way and will still live long healthy lives supporting your furniture. But you are certainly welcome to add a finish if you want.

pine table with hairpin legsFinishing your hairpin legs will keep them looking just the way you want them, especially if you’re using them in a high moisture environment like the back porch. But treating hairpin legs does not necessarily mean coloring them. Treatments can be clear or otherwise maintain the original steel color of the legs. Adding color is one of the many ways hairpin legs can be treated. Coloring them protects the hairpin legs while simultaneously adding a new dimension to the furniture. Color can bring out otherwise hidden colors, add a new color to the environment, or act as a unifying agent.

We’ve seen customers match the color of their hairpin legs to a swath of color on the furniture’s tabletop, for example. But maybe you’re not ready to take the plunge and add a lot of color to your hairpin leg furniture. Ryan has the perfect solution – he colored only part of his hairpin legs! It’s a great solution. The color accent adds another facet to the furniture perfectly. Thanks for sharing Ryan! If you live anywhere near Burlinton, VT and you’d like to chat with Ryan about his furniture, drop him a note.