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A Hairpin Leg Lamp? Rare Hairpin Leg Decor

closeup hairpin leg lamp

Hairpin legs came out in the middle of the last century. They were the perfect mix of form and function; they combine minimal materials with maximum of strength. The style took off and there were hairpin legs on everything. Hairpin legs were used on anything from dining room sets to birdcages. Hairpin legs really do go well on endless amounts of home furniture. We love seeing imagination bring these metal legs to unique projects.

hairpin leg lamp decor hairpin leg lamp

Hairpin legs on a lamp is a great example! This desktop-style lamp from Amsterdam Modern utilizes three light hairpin legs as its support system. Brilliant! Our hairpin legs are designed with a plate at the top for easy attachment to the underside of things like tables and desks but don’t let that dampen your imagination. Different designs and lighter materials mean anything can have the attractive hairpin leg look.

The shorter hairpin legs used on this lamp is a great example of the importance of different sized legs. Our 4-inch hairpin legs can easily support larger or smaller projects. They work well on large pieces of furniture like a bureau. They can also be used on something small like a footstool…or lamp. We love seeing what types of hairpin leg projects folks come up with. Send us a picture of your next project!