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How Easy is a Hairpin Leg Furniture Project?

carob tree coffee table with hairpin legs

Making a piece of hairpin leg furniture to suit your needs in your own home is endlessly rewarding. If the thought of making your own furniture seems overwhelming, you needn’t worry. It can be very easy and we’ll prove it! We engineered our hairpin legs to make sure it easy for you!

All you really need is the tabletop (benchtop, desktop, etc.), a set of hairpin legs, and a few screws to attach them. That’s it! Check out these simple yet elegant project customers have created. A tabletop can be quite easy to come by; many things make good tabletops.

The only requirement is that it is a solid surface. An old door, for example, is a great option. This can be anything from an old door at an antique store to a closet door your replacing in your home. One customer used an old wire reel for a hairpin leg table. You can use dimensional lumber from the hardware store. There’s something about combining wood with our hairpin legs that makes it into a beautiful table.

You don’t have to stick with our hairpin legs for that matter–any of our metal legs will do. We have a nice variety of hairpin legs from the original hairpin legs to our Just the Tip hairpin legs. But we also offer tapered angle iron legs and bench legs. Check out our many options to give you an idea what you want for your upcoming metal leg project! It really is that easy…modern furniture is all about simplicity!