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Hairpin Leg Console Table from Jerrud

jerrud media console closeup with short hairpin legs

We’re excited to share this hairpin leg console Jerrud made. For those who like a challenge, check this out! There is a reason we offer such variety in our hairpin leg sizes. Even though this is such a large piece of furniture, it needs quite short legs. Lifting the furniture just a little bit off of the floor makes all the difference. Adding small and tasteful metal legs to a piece can make it an elegant piece of furniture; it makes everything flow smoothly from a design perspective.

jerrud media console with short hairpin legs

We all go about building in our own way. Some of us look around the garage for useful materials that could be repurposed into a nice piece of furniture. We’ve been known to throw a set of metal legs onto an old door and call it a table. Any kind of hairpin leg furniture is fine by us, but Jerrud takes planning to a higher level. From planning with CAD software to having professionally cut wood Jerrud’s project is DIY in name only…he went about creating this table like a pro! Here’s a peek into Jerrud’s process,

This is my latest custom media console. I draw the table in Adobe Illustrator and send the pieces to be cut on a CNC panel saw. I assemble and finish in my shop. I’ve used Modern Legs on 5 tables now and am very happy with the quality.

Thanks for sharing your process, Jerrud. We’re so glad we can be a resource for your unique and beautiful furniture designs! We can’t wait to see what your next hairpin leg project will be!