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Tricia’s Dresser with Short Hairpin Legs

dresser closeup with short hairpin legs

We like to say our hairpin legs can go on practically anything, and part of why we offer such a wide variety of styles and sizes is to make sure they can! Short hairpin legs are not just for short furniture; they offer greater options in general. Sure, the 4” hairpin leg can be used to make a great footstool or ottoman. But they are also great for larger pieces of furniture that stay close to the ground.

dresser with short hairpin legs

Dressers accommodate shorter hairpin legs perfectly. It can be difficult to find a strong and attractive leg style for furniture that holds as much weight as a dresser can. But metal hairpin legs are always up to the challenge. Dressers themselves are heavy and filling them full of clothing and other belongings quickly piles on weight. Having stable and durable legs is a must. Our metal legs come in a variety of thicknesses – right up to 5/8” steel rod. That’s a durable set of legs! Tricia used our 4-inch hairpin legs to make this great dresser. Here’s what Tricia had to say about the project:

I’ve been meaning to send you a photo of my finished project with the custom hairpin legs you made me. I LOVE them and get tons of compliments! Thank you for making my vision reality. 🙂

Thank you for sharing Tricia, great project! We offer a number of styles and sizes…Tricia chose the square bar hairpin legs. They nicely compliment the square aspects of the dresser itself. Nice pairing!