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Dean’s Custom Desk with 3 Rod Hairpin Legs

small 3 rod hairpin leg desk

Desks come in all shapes and sizes – especially if you make it yourself! A custom made desk is pretty well guaranteed to fit exactly what you are looking for. When making your own furniture you can make sure it meets your personal needs as well as fitting perfectly into the space you want it will live. This simple and elegant desk fits all of Dean’s needs without hogging too much space. Notice how sturdy the hairpin legs are without taking up much space. This desk will be solidly supported by the 3 rod hairpin legs Dean chose while leaving lots of room for chair and leg space underneath. The edges of this wooden tabletop are nicely rounded – a nice touch for comfort when sitting close. This project is a great example of how simple it can be to make a desk and also a great example of how beautiful the finished product can be. This table consists of a solid wooden tabletop with hairpin legs securely attached underneath.


3 rod hairpin leg deskChoosing the hairpin leg style for your furniture is fun! If you like to stick with the basics, the original hairpin leg might be for you. Our standard hairpin legs are a great option when the legs are intended to support the table and highlight the tabletop without stealing the show.

Our square bar hairpin legs are another simple style of bent hairpin legs. Creating the same shape, the square bar metal leg offers the same support while the metal rod is square; bringing a different look to the piece over all. These are perfect for a more rustic look or when matching wrought iron features in the surrounding area.

The 3 rod hairpin legs—which Dean chose to use–add a third upright to the original bar. This metal leg style will hold more weight for projects where added weight may be a concern. But they also add a nice visual dimension as you can see from Dean’s desk. For more unique hairpin legs check out our Just the Tip and Twist hairpin legs. They offer more unique lines while still sticking with the modern hairpin leg theme.