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Emily’s Museum Crate Table with Custom Metal Legs

closeup of metal angle iron legs

Here is an amazingly creative table design from our customer Emily. This table was made from an old museum crate! What a great idea.

museum crate coffee table with metal angle iron legs

The museum crate was left intact with its markings and handles to keep the authentic feel part of the finished table. Then it was covered with a sheet of glass to be used as the tabletop and to allow the inside of the box to be seen as well. The metal legs used on this table are short angle iron legs we custom made for the project. As Emily points out, this table is heavy and the angle iron legs are a great way to support the extra weight:

I’m making a coffee table from an old museum crate. It’s 36″ long x 22″ high x 18″ tall. I have no idea how heavy it is [but] it’s hefty

As we do with many of our customers, we custom made the legs to fit and support the table. There are many different options to pair up heavy tables and metal legs. First of all, all of our metal legs – hairpin legs and otherwise – are designed to handle the load of any standard table and its accompanying uses. But there are a few metal legs that are heavier duty and will do well holding up additional loads. The three rod hairpin legs, our metal bench legs and the tapered angle iron legs are great options for heavier furniture.

If you’re inspired by Emily to build your next table, let our custom metal legs be the finishing touch for your next furniture project. As always our hat is off to Emily…thank you for sharing a picture of the finished result. It goes to show that almost anything can make a great DIY coffee table!