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Bench Leg Entryway Table by Sue

Deciding which metal legs to use for your table can be a challenge. Not only do we carry multiple styles of hairpin legs, but we also carry two styles of bench legs. Each style of leg offers different style and support options and although bench legs are often used for benches, they also make great table legs.

console table with flat bar bench legs

Here is a beautiful example from Sue. This is an entryway table using bench legs. What a great design! The tabletop is a thick slab of wood and the edges keep the natural growth patterns of the tree. The bench legs nicely add structure as well as style to this table.

Our standard bench legs made from very durable flat bar steel (which Sue chose to use here). We also offer tube steel bench legs and both offer maximum support if you’re intending to put your table through a lot of heavy use. We think Sue would agree that they also just look good, and they bring a solid, simple finishing touch to a beautiful piece of DIY furniture.

Bench legs differ from hairpin legs slightly in that the legs for each end of the table are one unit – therefore two bench legs are used on a standard table where four hairpin legs would be used. We offer standard bench leg sizes but you can always ask us about customization. If you have a certain leg height in mind, drop us a line and more than likely we’ll be able to accommodate. After all, every set of metal legs we offer are made to order. And they are all made right here in the USA as well. When you’re done, send us a pic of your creation!