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Glass Topped Box Table With 3 Rod Hairpin Legs

3 rod metal hairpin leg

The great thing about metal hairpin legs is that they go with any table you are able to come up with. Take Tom’s table for example. Here is a fun and unique tabletop made from a long wooden box that is the perfect size for this application. Tom topped it with glass that sits just inside the outside edge of the wood. The table has a nice mix of wood, metal, and glass materials. Tom chose the 3 rod hairpin legs to use with this table for a more complex look. Here is what Tom had to say when the table was complete,

The legs are fantastic and were perfect for this table

glass topped table with 3 rod hairpin legs

We’re proud to offer a variety of metal leg styles including the classic hairpin legs and a number of variations such as the 3 rod legs Tom chose to use. We also offer angle iron legs and bench legs. Whether you’re planning on making a side table, end table, dining room table or desk, we have metal legs that will meet your needs in form and in function.

Think about just how you want your finished piece to look and then pick out the metal legs that will best suite your project. All of our legs are made to order right here in the USA. And we love seeing what customers come up with so send us a pic of your finished product. Thanks for sharing Tom, great table!