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Laurie’s Metal Hairpin Leg & Live Edge Sofa Table

Live edge wood is so unique! Capturing a tree’s living edge adds a rough, wild look to furniture. The smooth finished surface of the inner wood itself nicely compliments the live edge while providing a smooth working surface. Laurie’s live edge black walnut sofa table is just gorgeous!

live edge walnut sofa table with hairpin legs

The dark and light wood adds such depth to the table. As you can see the slab itself is quite thick. Tabletops certainly do not have to be this thick to function properly, but it is such a nice piece of wood we wouldn’t change it either! Our Just the Tip hairpin legs go very nicely with this table. The strong durable aspects of the wood are nicely matched with the extra “tip” or foot of this hairpin leg style. Here is what Laurie had to say,

Thank you so much…the legs you sent are wonderful. We will be ordering more and telling others!

Laurie’s choice of table really ads a finished look to the room. Instead of looking at the back of a couch now there is an eye catching, one of a kind table there. All our hairpin legs come in a large range of sizes from as small as 4-inches all the way up to 30-inches.

If you’re not sure what size you should order, there are some standard table heights. Coffee tables are typically 16-18 inches in height. Dining room tables are typically 30 inches high. But more important than the standards, are your home’s measurements. Couches, for example, can vary in height. Do you want to be able to access your couch table while sitting, or while standing from the other side? Is your couch lower or higher than a standard couch? Making a table for your current couch will determine its height.

One more great thing about our metal legs is: you don’t have to commit to your table height forever. If you upgrade your couch later and it is a different height, you can always order another set of hairpin legs from us and change them out for the current set. Then the old set can be used for another awesome piece of hairpin leg furniture!