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Dave’s Cedar Slab Bench with Custom Bench Legs

cedar slab bench with metal bench legs

Having a DIY furniture project in your home can be like having a piece of history living with you. Imagine having a pew from an old grange hall or floor boards from an old covered bridge in your home. For those of us on the lookout for a unique furniture project, the source material might be nearby already.

Dave has that experience thanks to our metal bench legs. Dave tells us about the origin of his bench:

An old piece of cedar on it’s 3rd life as an indoor bench. It’s been an outdoor garden bench for 24 years and a bridge over a creek ’til it washed downstream. The legs are perfect for this 4 x 10 x 5 ft. slab of wood.

Thanks Dave, what a great way to preserve this piece of wood in a practical and functional way. A set of metal legs can turn artifacts such as these into living pieces of history you can use every day. Both our hairpin legs and bench legs do a great job of turning your own personal artifact into functional furniture for your home. Bringing a meaningful piece of wood to life is magical! We offer many varieties in both hairpin legs and bench legs so you can be a part of that magic. Multiple sizes and styles of metal legs provide the perfect option for every project.

Some folks choose to use our metal legs outside as well as inside. Having solid metal legs for patio furniture works great. As the weather starts to warm up its fun to think about enjoying the warmer seasons on your own homemade patio furniture. Our metal legs are up to the job! You can treat the legs with a clear coat or wax if you’d like to seal them, or leave them how they are. Our metal legs are so thick they can take outdoor exposure and will keep your furniture strong and stable for years to come.