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Mike’s Pine Slab Table with Tapered Angle Iron Legs

beetle killed pine slab desk on modern angle iron legs

The mountain pine beetle has killed millions of trees over the past two decades. But loggers and lumber companies are helping out with all the dead wood, and it turns out beetle-kill pine makes astounding pieces of furniture.

Furniture made from this wood can be quite different than wood from the same species not affected by the beetle. The pine beetle transports a fungus that discolors the wood. The result is beautifully colored pine that is often turned into such masterpieces as tables and desks. Of course we think such special wood would go best with metal legs – hairpin legs or otherwise and Mike helped us prove the point!

Mike, owner of Woodshed Production in Issaquah, WA, put this live edge beetle killed ponderosa pine slab atop our tapered angle iron metal legs. What a combo! The mix of beetle killed wood and a live edge slab really tells a story about the tree. We love that Mike keeps coming back for more metal legs!

We love the way our modern angle iron legs look on Mike’s table, but if you’re looking for something with softer lines, our hairpin legs are your best bet. Our original hairpin legs are bent hairpin legs at their simplest and offer a nice counterpoint to the angles of a table top.

No matter what you use, make sure you send us a picture when you’re done. We love seeing new DIY furniture designs!