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Paul’s Hairpin Leg Nightstand

suitcase nightstand with hairpin legs

The great thing about hairpin legs is that they let you do what you want! If you can think it up chances are hairpin legs can help you make something amazing. Check out Paul’s fun night stand. Taking an old suitcase and making it into a one of a kind night stand is a great idea! Our metal legs are so versatile they can easily be used to create tables like this. And what a great place for out of sight storage this table makes!

Standalone legs like this really make an endless variety of furniture projects possible. Each hairpin leg can be firmly screwed or bolted into the furniture top itself. We frequently see wooden tabletops as they are quite easy to screw into. Projects like Paul’s are also possible because the hairpin legs can be used with so many materials. On a thinner material like this suitcase you can use bolts with washers and nuts to hold the legs firmly in place on each side.

Four metal legs is a great standard number but perhaps a smaller project like a stool only needs three. Larger projects may use five or more legs to support a long table or bench top. The possibilities are endless. What crazy furniture ideas do you have? We’d love to be a part of them. Send us pics of your hairpin leg creations!