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Your Own Custom Hairpin Leg Project

coffee table with metal bench legs

Making your own piece of furniture is a rewarding project. There’s something supremely satisfying about working with wood and steel. The opportunity to make a piece of furniture which is uniquely yours is just the icing on the top. To make a meaningful piece of furniture, many of our customers start with a special piece of wood. Maybe it’s an old piece of furniture you’re resurrecting, maybe it’s a tree that you grew up with, or maybe you have a love for a certain species of wood…these are all ways our customers have used our hairpin legs to transfer a love of wood into a piece of furniture. You can take it a step further by adding a personalized feature to your furniture by choosing the perfect legs. Maybe a pair of sturdy bench legs are perfect, or maybe it’s the right pair of hairpin legs. Whatever is right for you, the furniture becomes a reminder of what you care about every time you use it.

kim ho sitting on pencil bench with hairpin legs

There are endless options for what you can create in your own table to make it something unique and special that others will admire. Thinking about what you love in life will help you come up with your ideal piece. Our metal legs offer longevity and durability to any project. You can choose between our bench legs and our hairpin legs; the bench legs come in tube steel as well as flat bar and our hairpin leg offerings are quite extensive… check it out! All of our metal legs are made to order right here in the USA and they are constructed of durable 100% steel. We know you’ll be thrilled with the custom piece you put together – send us a pic of your creation when it’s finished!