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Just How Big are Those Hairpin Legs?

hairpin legs on truck

Perhaps half of and inch or three-eighths of an inch don’t seem that large in the scheme of things, but the diameters of our metal legs are quite substantial when it comes to table legs. We’ve had many customers ask about our legs ahead of time and express their appreciation for the durability of our table legs after the fact, so to illustrate the size of the legs, we took a few photos. All diameters of our hairpin legs are made from high quality cold rolled steel, which adds strength and makes them less brittle. And we offer different size dimensions on nearly all of our hairpin legs. In addition to the diameters we also create varied heights from 4 to 36 inches.

hairpin legs thickness comparison

Many of our customers are aware that just because something is made of metal doesn’t automatically mean they are durable. The quality of our welds and the time we spend on each piece as well as the materials we use make all the difference. Take our bench legs for example. They come in two different designs – flat bar and tube steel. They both have a distinct look and we make sure they are welded, retouched and treated properly. Barring a hurricane, our legs should pretty well last forever!

A light-duty project can benefit from half inch hairpin legs. You’ll still have the functionality you’re looking for from the final product without overbuilding it. And for the heavier-duty pieces, we offer both heavier diameters and styles. The three-rod hairpin leg for instance is a great option for bearing lots of weight, and it brings a unique look to your furniture as well. If you’re ever in doubt about what legs are a good fit, just ask! Let us know what you’ve got in mind and we’re confident we’ve got a set of metal legs that will meet your needs! Don’t forget to send us a picture of what you’ve come up with!