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Combining Different Styles of Metal Legs

diy coffee table with modern metal table legs

Customers have asked us if using different styles of metal legs throughout the house works. Yes it does! We offer different styles of metal legs to satisfy different needs. And sometimes those needs – or preferences – may fall within the same area in your house, office, et cetera. All of our legs styles – from hairpin legs, to bench legs, to angle iron legs, all can be used in harmony. A set of angle iron legs can compliment a tapered shape in a table; bench legs can highlight the sturdiness of a seating piece, and the classic hairpin legs shows off the functionality as well as the fashion of a table.

diy bench with custom bench legs

Some customers like to use the same kind of legs for all of their projects and some customers like to add variety to the type of metal legs they use. Using the same kind of metal legs throughout the home affords synergy whereas using different styles can add variety. It really depends on your preference. We’ve had customers let us know they’re happy with both! Pairing different styles of legs together is a matter of preference. You can certainly see that there are a lot of options for mixing and matching throughout different furniture pieces, but there are no specific rules in how to go about doing so. Perhaps you would like a coffee table made with our classic hairpin leg and you’d like matching end tables. We offer hairpin legs in 4” – 30” so that is easily obtained. Or perhaps you’d like a bedroom set like a dresser or chest with shorter hairpin legs but nightstand tables with a slightly different style of hairpin legs such as the square bar hairpin legs or the rebar hairpin legs – or perhaps something that sets them apart even more such as the tapered angle iron legs.

You could even put a bench in your bedroom for changing using either of the two types of bench legs we offer, flat bar bench legs and tube steel bench legs. Why does this work? The metal of the legs holds its own yet it provides the perfect accent for the wooden tabletop. The metal legs and the wooden tabletops create unity and can match if they are all the same or complement each other when they are different shapes made with the same materials. Of course the other elements in the room will also add to the choice you make as to what types of hairpin legs you’d like to use together. No matter what it will be fun. So take some pictures and let us know what you’ve come up with!